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Play Your Way

While Play is the Thing offers several structured, formal workshops and productions each year, our goal is for you to engage in a way that is genuine and tailored to your needs.


We offer several types of engaging, interactive workshops that can be customized to your group, location, budget, and schedule.


Explore our options below, we're eager to collaborate on your ideas and interests!


Weekly classes for ages 4 & up

Homeschool and After-school Groups

Weekly group lessons can be set-up to meet during the day or after school, outdoors in parks or in a host's backyard or home, or in our studio. Classes meet 90 minutes per week in four-week sessions. We can tailor classes to each group's level or experience, and we can explore an area of focus to reinforce learning on any subject. We can even work with two age groups at a time to best serve families and their busy schedules!

Hosted Classes

Have a large backyard or area of your home you could host your child's favorite class once per week? Host families may receive free tuition for hosting a class in your space. From Drama Basics to Puppetry, Musical Theatre to Playwriting, the possibilities are endless.

Private Performance Coaching

Let one of our specialists help you up your game by providing one-on-one or small group acting, dance, or singing lessons tailored to your skill level and goals. Lessons can be taught in-person in your home or our studio, or virtually.


Themed projects for school groups

Whether your students are studying Shakespeare, science, or any subject in between, our specially developed projects designed around any theme can help them engage more fully with their learning.


Through active and fun creative arts, team-building, and critical thinking activities, we will have them on their feet and embodying the subject matter in a new and dynamic way. 

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Virtual Programming & Film Classes

Virtual Programming

Creativity doesn't stop, even for a pandemic. Join us as virtually rehearse and perform plays made for the  now.


You don't have to wait for us to plan an upcoming virtual production. Reach out and let us help your group devise and create something brand new!


Film Classes

The world may be changing, but the thrill of collaborating as an ensemble to bring an idea to life is here to stay! Film classes can be done completely virtually, in-person in small groups, or a mix of the two!


Lights, camera, action!


Professional Classes and Performance Consultancy


Looking to bring more play to your work? Whether your aim is to better engage your students or clients in your subject matter, learn strategies for creative problem solving, successfully tell your story to make the biggest impact , or just to make a better first impression, we are here to help.


Looking to bring more play to your life? We can help with that too. We don't believe adulting has to mean a stop to learning, growing, and playing! We all perform better when we take some time out to stretch our creative muscles. Join us for one-on-one or small group adult classes focused on re-introducing play to your life!

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